Databases and SQL - Library edition

This is a version of the Software Carpentry SQL lesson that has been modified to include examples geared at librarians. Both versions of the lesson teach the same concepts and can be used interchangeably. Only the example used is different.

The example database used in this lesson can be downloaded here. It contains records mimicking a very rudimentary library catalogue, with simple bibliographic data, item management, and an authority file.


If SQLite is being used from the shell, learners will need to be able to navigate directories and run simple commands from the command line. If a GUI such as the Firefox SQLite plugin is being used, learners will need to know how to install browser plugins (and have permission to do so).

Check Discussion for database setup instructions


  1. Selecting Data
  2. Sorting and Removing Duplicates
  3. Filtering
  4. Calculating New Values
  5. Missing Data
  6. Aggregation
  7. Combining Data
  8. Data Hygiene
  9. Creating and Modifying Data
  10. Programming with Databases

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