OpenRefine Lessons for Librarians

Importing data into OpenRefine


Teaching: 30 min
Exercises: 15 min
  • How do I get data into OpenRefine?
  • Successfully import data into OpenRefine

Importing data

Exercise 1: Create your first Open Refine project (using provided data)

There are several options for getting your data set into OpenRefine. You can upload or import files in a variety of formats including:

To import the data for the exercises below, you first need to download doaj-article-sample.csv. This is a csv file. Make a note of the location you save the file. Then, run OpenRefine and:

The next screen gives you some options to ensure that the data gets imported into OpenRefine correctly. The options vary depending on the type of data you are importing.

In this case you need to:

Once you are happy click ‘Create Project »’

This will create the project and open it for you. Projects are saved as you work on them, there is no need to save copies as you go along.

To open an existing project in OpenRefine you can click ‘Open Project’ from the main OpenRefine screen (in the lefthand menu). When you click this, you will see a list of the existing projects and can click on a project’s name to open it.

Going Further

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